SCADA systems development platform using open source libraries


15 November 2011

They offer three PFC in order to perform the following research projects:

– SCADA control and monitoring of a multiplace hyperbaric chamber automated by a PLC Siemens S7-300. They used open source libraries to implement OPC communication between the PLC and Linux operating systems, Mac OS and Windows. The implementation of SCADA will be done with the programming language Python.

– Development of a mobile SCADA using OPC libraries for open source monitoring and control processes in iPhone, iPhone and Android OS devices

– Development of a graphical editing for Mac systems SCADAs

Interested students should have basic knowledge of:

– Programming in high level languages ​​like Java or Python.

– Linux (Ubuntu) and / or Mac OS (user level).

For more information, contact Professor Carlos Pérez Vidal (carlos.perez @